Monday, September 26th, 2022
The City of Clinton experienced another successful Apple & Pork Festival! The official count from the Clinton Police Department was 103,488 people in attendance at the two day festival!!
Tuesday, January 18th, 2022
The City of Clinton City Council unanimously decided to accept the appointment by Commissioner Ballenger of Stephen Page to the rank of Fire Chief. Stephen Page became a firefighter for the City of Cl...
Saturday, May 15th, 2021
Fire Chief Jeff Hoke Retired Saturday from the Fire Department. Chief Hoke stepped in the rank of Chief in 2017 and served in the position till his retirement. At this time the position has not been f...
Monday, March 1st, 2021
Get your Fire Department Raffle Tickets! Come by the Fire Station or stop any Clinton, Wapella or Kenney firefighter to get your ticket! $1.00 for One Ticket or $5.00 for Six TicketsFirst Place Winner...
Fire Safety City Sweep

Clinton Firefighters Ask for Your Help

The Clinton Firefighters want to give you a report on our last year of activities. The year 2020 was a remarkable year for our fire service. We have added to our roster now having 38 dedicated volunteers! Clinton fire service has been dedicated to training every Wednesday evening and at least one Saturday a month. The department has been aggressive on obtaining not only the basic of firefighting training, but now training in some advance training like water rescue’s, hazardous materials and rope rescue. In 2020 the fire department strived to be involved with the community by occupying the parks on summer days, working with the Boy Scouts and 4-H, providing services to the May Days, Apple and Pork and the concerts on the square. The department answered 853 emergency calls in 2020. Near half of those calls were fire related and the other half was to assist in saving a life with our county ambulance service. The entire department is now AED / CPR trained and 32 of us are licensed from the Department of Health as a certified medical responder. Over the last couple years there are many people still walking the streets of Clinton due to our efforts of saving their life. Also, in 2020 we have started walking the businesses of our community. Walking our businesses, we have been able to meet and greet the business owners and workers, answer questions, make suggestions and develop a plan of response in the unfortunate event of an emergency. If we have not been to your business yet, you’re on our list to be contacted soon.

This year we are calling our fundraising event, “Fire Safety City Sweep.” Our intentions are to visit every home in town to insure they have a working smoke detector. If we find that there isn’t a working detector we plan on making sure they have one when we leave.

Our fundraising efforts this year are going to support the all new “Clinton Fire Training Facility.” More about this facility and how your support will make this happen is on the backside of this page. 


Supporting your Firefighters

This year we are asking for your support in our departments fundraising efforts in building the all new, “Clinton Fire Training Facility!” This facility is designed to meet the standards set by law and be comparable to the buildings we find ourselves working in every day. This facility will be built with 8 over sea shipping containers with inserted windows, doors and fire props. The building will have props for forcible entry, ventilation, search and rescue and live fire’s.  The outside of the facility will have an area to hook fire hydrants, do auto extrication, manage and extinguish petroleum emergencies and a rigging area for our rope rescue team.

            By having this facility, we will be better suited to not only train our own firefighters but also others around us. When the project is complete our ISO “Insurance Service Office” grade for training facilities will improve potentially in saving you money in property insurance premiums. The firefighters of Clinton ask you for support in making a monetary donation to our efforts making this dream a reality. The Clinton firefighters are a registered 501 C organization and could provide a receipt of donation. Below on the left, is what we have currently purchased and are using. The picture on the right is a facility comparable to the one we have designed.




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